Saturday Fiction - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

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Saturday Fiction
Mainland China | 2019 | 127’ | DCP | Black and white | Mandarin, English, Japanese, French | Group: C
Director: Ye Lou

2019/12/10 21:10 Macao Old Court Building

Programmer’s Note

Everyone is playing a role in this riveting thriller from master director Lou Ye; some characters like Gong Li’s glamorous actress Jean Yu are playing several both on stage and off. Shot in evocative period black and white in the streets, theatres and hotel rooms of Japanese-occupied Shanghai, Saturday Fiction is thrillingly alive in its storytelling and far from the stodgy throwback it could have been in different hands. Shanghai is like a Chinese Casablanca – home to a myriad motley characters who might be agents and double agents, all spying on each other as they try to anticipate what Japan’s next moves will be in the World War. Lou teases and twists the genre so that sometimes we don’t know what is true and what is a performance, but that only makes it more intriguing. And what a pleasure to see Gong Li on bewitching form in various guises – as 1940 screen goddess, romantic heroine, gun-toting woman of action and of course seductive femme fatale.

– Mike Goodridge


1941. Since the Japanese occupation, China has become a wartime intelligence battlefield for the Allies and the Axis Powers. Iconic actress Jean Yu returns to Shanghai, ostensibly to appear in the play ‘Saturday Fiction’ directed by her former lover. But what is her true aim? To free her ex-husband? To gather intelligence for the Allied Forces? To work for her adoptive father? Or to escape from war with her lover? As she embarks on her mission, with friends ever more difficult to distinguish from undercover agents, Jean Yu starts to question whether to reveal what she has learned about the imminent Pearl Harbor attack.


Ye Lou

Lou Ye was born in Shanghai and attended the Beijing Film Academy. His many directorial credits include Suzhou River (2000) Purple Butterfly (2003), Summer Palace (2006), Spring Fever (2009), and Love and Bruises (2011). Saturday Fiction is his latest film and had its world premiere in competition at Venice in September this year.

Cast & Crew

Director Lou Ye

Scriptwriter(s) Yingli Ma

Original Writers Hong Ying, Yokomitsu Riichi

Producer(s) Chang Jihong, Lou Ye, Dong Peiwen, Wu Yi, Zhang Jin, Huang Xin, Li Xinyue, Ma Yingli

Cinematographer Zeng Jian

Production Designer Zhong Cheng

Editor Lou Ye, Feng Shan Yu Lin


Costumes Designer Linlin May

Sound Designer Fu Kang

Visual Effects Designer Wang Lei

Cast Gong Li, Mark Chao, Joe Odagiri, Pascal Gregorry, Tom Wlaschiha

Production Companies Qianyi Times, Yingfilms, Bai An Film, Tianyi Movie & TV and Zhuoran Films, UEP, Qianyiyuan, Fanyu Media

Distributor Bravos Pictures Limited

World Sales Wild Bunch International

World Panorama