Red Amnesia - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Red Amnesia
Mainland China | 2014 | 115’ | DCP | Colour | Mandarin | Group: B
Director: Wang Xiaoshuai

2019/12/09 21:45 Cinematheque‧Passion

Programmer’s Note

Racing with indescribable velocity towards a future – already present – of economic wealth and apparent wellness, China seems to have confined its recent past into the realm of oblivion, where borders between reality and memories – or should we call them nightmares? – are blurred and pages of recent history are buried in dust, its facts forgotten, swept away in a vortex of collective amnesia. But not for everyone. Someone still cares about what happened only a few decades ago, someone still feels the scars left on his soul. He is a dead man walking in the zone of nonexistence created by everyone’s eagerness to unremember. Edgy, disturbing, politically lucid and extremely suspenseful, Red Amnesia is a unique thriller set in the vast, multifaceted and ever-changing world of contemporary China. A ballad of displaced generations, and urban realism, finely tuned by Wang Xiaoshuai’s brilliant artistry, the film will linger long in viewers’ minds, like a powerful and chilling presence.

– Giovanna Fulvi


Deng is a stubborn retired widow who spends her days caring about her two grown up sons and her elderly mother, despite her family’s efforts to stop her. But her daily routine starts derailing when she keeps receiving anonymous calls. What’s happening to her? Who could have anything against her? Even her husband’s ghost doesn’t seem to know…


Wang Xiaoshuai

Wang Xiaoshuai was born in 1966 and is a graduate of Beijing Film Academy. At the age of 27, he emerged as one of the key Sixth Generation directors with his debut feature The Days (1993) which was selected as one of the best 100 films of all time by the BBC in 1995. He followed up with Frozen (1995) and So Close to Paradise (1998), the latter premiering in Un Certain Regard in Cannes. Wang’s films have been selected for competition four times in Cannes, three times in Berlin, and also in Venice and San Sebastian. Beijing Bicycle (2001) won the Grand Jury prize at Berlin, Shanghai Dreams (2005) won the jury prize in Cannes and In Love We Trust (2008) won the screenplay prize in Berlin. His recent work Red Amnesia (2014) was selected in competition at the 71st Venice International Film Festival, and the latest title So Long, My Son (2019) won two Silver Bears for the Best Actor and Actress at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival in February.

Cast & Crew

Director Wang Xiaoshuai

Scriptwriter(s) Wang Xiaoshuai, Fang Lei, Li Fei

Producer(s) Liu Xuan

Cinematographer Wu Di

Production Designer Lou Pan

Editor Yang Hongyu

Music Umeit

Costumes Designer

Cast Lü Zhong, Feng Yuanzheng, Amanda QIN, QIN Hao, Shi Liu

Production Companies DongChun Films


World Sales Edko Films Limited

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