Homecoming - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Indonesia | 2019 | 93’ | DCP | Colour | Indonesian | Group: B
Director: Adriyanto Dewo

2019/12/09 19:15 Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium

Programmer’s Note

Going back to their hometown for the holidays is a ritual that most urban Asians will undertake at least once a year. It is a journey to reunite with their family and their roots and to recharge themselves. In Homecoming, Aida and Firman are planning to use the trip to do more – to find solutions to salvage their broken marriage. An accident during the trip that jolts them together also painfully drives them apart further. Director Adriyanto Dewo, who won the Best Director Citra award in Indonesia for his first film Tabula Rasa, explores relationships forged and broken through a tragedy and masterfully weaves in ideas around class conflict, hypocrisy, religious rituals and gender roles in an increasingly fragmented Indonesia. Putri Ayudha is both tough and fragile as Aida, initially evoking her character’s anger, frustration and sadness while finally, convincingly, emerging as a woman who will determine her own fate.

– Lorna Tee


Trying to find solutions for conflicts in her marriage, Aida goes on a road trip with her husband for homecoming. During the trip, they are involved in a fatal road accident in which a man – someone’s husband – is killed, and they make a detour to his village to pay their respects to his widow. This unexpected journey forces her to face a different future and find answers to the questions in her life. It leads to a metamorphosis through which she will become a better version of herself.


Adriyanto Dewo

Indonesian film-maker Adriyanto Dewo made his first short The Storyteller as his final graduation project in 2008 and went on to make several short films after that including Waiting For Colours (2011) which won the best short film at Hanoi International Film Festival. His first feature Tabula Rasa – a story about a family’s history with food as the centerpiece – was screened at numerous film festivals including Shanghai and Bucheon and won Dewo the best director prize at the Indonesian Film Festival in 2014. Homecoming is his second film.

Cast & Crew

Director Adriyanto Dewo

Scriptwriter(s) Adriyanto Dewo

Producer(s) Perlita Desiani

Cinematographer Vera Lestafa

Production Designer

Editor Arifin Cu’unk

Music Lie Indra Perkasa

Costumes Designer

Cast Putri Ayudya Asmara Abigail, Ibnu Jamil, Yoga Pratama

Production Companies Relate Films

Distributor Lifelike Pictures

World Sales

International Competition