Give Me Liberty - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Give Me Liberty
US | 2019 | 111’ | DCP, 6 reels | Colour | English, Russian | Group: C
Director: Kirill Mikhanovsky

2019/12/08 19:15 Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium

Programmer’s Note

Fast, furious and freewheeling, Give Me Liberty is the pick of independent American film-making in 2019. Kirill Mikhanovsky confirms the promise of his debut Fish Dreams with his hyper-energetic, socially-conscious and frequently hilarious story of one young man’s day in Milwaukee. Vic is a medical transport driver who is hijacked by a gang of Russian immigrant seniors intent on holding a funeral for one of their own as he also tries to ferry his patients around a city which happens to be on the brink of a political meltdown. Watching Give Me Liberty is an exhilarating experience: a compendium of comedy and empathy, and a vehicle which ferries the viewer to a greater understanding of the complex needs of sections of the community which often go ignored. If this is the future of the US indie, we’re in great hands, just like the passengers of the constantly harried and hurried Vic (actor Chris Galust also impresses in a story part-inspired by Mikhanovsky’s real-life experiences).

– Fionnuala Halligan


Vic, a hapless young Russian American, drives a handicapped transport in Milwaukee where he shares an apartment with his grandfather. Already late on a day when street protests break out, Vic reluctantly agrees to ferry his grandfather and a dozen elderly Russians to a funeral, but they’re distressed when he stops first in a predominantly African American neighborhood to pick up Tracy, a black woman with ALS. On the verge of being fired, Vic’s day goes from bad to worse.


Kirill Mikhanovsky

Mikhanovsky was born in Russia but emigrated to Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin, where he studied linguistics and anthropology, and had a series of odd jobs including driving a medical transport for people with disabilities. He is an alumnus of the graduate film programme at New York University and the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab. His first film Sonhos De Peixe (Fish Dreams) was shot in Brazil and had its world premiere at Cannes Critics Week.

Cast & Crew

Director Kirill Mikhanovsky

Scriptwriter(s) Alice Austen, Kirill Mikhanovsky

Producer(s) Alice Austen

Cinematographer Wyatt Garfield

Production Designer Bart Mangrum

Editor Kirill Mikhanovsky


Costumes Designer Kate Grube

Cast Chris Galust, Lauren “Lolo” Spencer, Maksim Stoyanov, Steve Wolski, Michelle Caspar, Ben Derfel

Production Companies Give Me Liberty, Mfg.


World Sales Wild Bunch

International Competition