Bombay Rose - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Bombay Rose
India, France, UK, Qatar | 2019 | 93’ | DCP | Colour | Hindi | Group: B
Director: Gitanjali Rao

2019/12/08 15:30 Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium

Programmer’s Note

Gitanjali Rao’s gorgeous, music-infused animated feature opens with a film within a film. A packed Mumbai talkies house watches as a butch Bollywood hero confronts the baddie and saves the heroine. The audience screams with derision when the eagerly awaited kiss is censored, but Rao has immediately set the scene of a teeming mega-city filled with big dreams and heartfelt romantic fantasies. Ironically, for the painterly splendor of the film’s images, Bombay Rose is a social realist Indian film – think The World Of Apu or Salaam Bombay – spinning multiple tales of everyday hardship and commonplace tragedy only temporarily relieved by the escapism of the big screen. It is no less lovely for that, infused with Rao’s love for the characters and exquisite attention to detail and colour. If ever there was a bittersweet animated film for adults to savour and treasure, this is it.

– Mike Goodridge


A red rose brings together three tales of impossible loves. Love between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy. Love between two women. Love of an entire city for its Bollywood stars. Based on true events, Bombay Rose is a chronicle of intimate yet collective struggles of people who migrate from small towns, seeking minimal life in the maximum city.


Gitanjali Rao

A self-taught animator and film-maker, Gitanjali Rao emerged onto the international stage with her animated short Printed Rainbow which premiered in Cannes Critic’s Week 2006 where it won the Kodak Discovery Award. Her four animated shorts – the others are Blue (2000), Orange (2002) and True Love Story (2014) – have been to over 150 international film festivals and won more than 30 awards. Painted frame by frame, the films’ visual style are inspired by the rich and varied folk art styles of India. Her first feature Bombay Rose took six years to complete and had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in August.

Cast & Crew

Director Gitanjali Rao

Scriptwriter(s) Gitanjali Rao

Producer(s) Rohit Khattar, Anand Mahindra

Animator Sangita Khatu, Sanjay Dengle, Prashant Shikare

Production Designer Rupali Gatti

Editor Gitanjali Rao

Music P.M. Satheesh

Principal Voice Cast Cycli Khare, Amit Deondi, Gargi Shitole, Makrand Deshpande

Production Companies Cinestaan Film Company, Les Films d’Ici


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International Competition