Patio of Illusion - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Patio of Illusion
Macao SAR | 2019 | 90’ | DCP | Colour | Cantonese | Group: B
Director: Shangshi Chen

2019/12/08 16:30 Macao Tower

Programmer’s Note

A gentle look at Macao’s past decades of historical changes and their inevitable impact on families and social structure, Patio of Illusion is a love letter to the precious cultural heritage of the city in urgent need of being preserved and appreciated. As seen through the eyes of a young couple – who have known each other since childhood and try to weather personal and collective ups and downs –  the transition from the dormant economy of a former Portuguese colony to the rampant empire of gaming and entertainment of today’s Macao – is portrayed with an intimate and affectionate perspective, which illustrates the dreams, first shattered then recomposed, of an entire society. Shangshi Chen, who is well versed in many disciplines of the arts, including music and narrative, informs his storytelling with positivity and honest candour. He pays special attention to the wonderful details of Macao’s architecture and fading cultures, in a successful attempt to expose the city’s outer and inner beauty to the world. A must see for this year’s anniversary of Macao’s handover to China.

– Giovanna Fulvi


Yi Cheung and Mei, a young couple in love, graduate from university in 1999, the same year as the handover of Macao back to China. They choose a life they value, he an art teacher and she a nurse, and soon she gets pregnant. However, as the economy starts to boom, Yi Cheung wants to make more money and quits his job to become a casino dealer. He starts to forget the old Macao that he and Mei used to wander around and becomes preoccupied with work. Only after Mei leaves him does he start to realise that wealth does not equal success and poverty does not equal failure.


Shangshi Chen

Chinese director Shangshi Chen attended Sun Yat-sen University and majored in electronic engineering. Coming out of college, he became a singer and songwriter, and his first album Reality was released in 2005 winning him several awards in southern China for best new male singer of the year. After attending the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, USA, in 2007, he became a music video director, and directed over 40 music videos from 2009 to 2015, while also setting up a 3D animation company 3C Toon Co through he which he produced and directed 78 episodes of animated series Space Express. In 2015, he attended ArtCenter College Of Design, and took a Master of Fine Arts degree in film directing. His first short film was Heaven Knows; Patio Of Illusion is his first feature.

Cast & Crew

Director Shangshi Chen

Scriptwriter(s) Meng Meng Chen

Producer(s) Andy Loi

Cinematographer Jeff Su

Production Designer Tengbin Zhu

Editor Howard Heard, Shangshi Chen

Music Wendy Cheang

Costumes Designer Mingyi Hong, Weimei Feng

Cast Eugene Tang, Kary Tang, Machi Chon, Bonnie Lei, Elvis Chao. Hedy Kou, Lok Cheong

Production Companies UTV Macau Internet Media Company ltd., Foshan 3C-Toon Media Co. Limited

Distributor UTV Macau Internet Media Company ltd.

World Sales

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