Let's Sing - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Let’s Sing
Macao SAR | 2019 | 102’ | DCP | Colour | Cantonese | Group: B
Director: Keo Lou

2019/12/07 16:30 Macao Tower

Programmer’s Note

It’s exciting to see Macao as the backdrop for this perky musical drama about a headstrong high school girl with ambitions to be a singing star. But director Keo Lou is never distracted by the neon lights and gambling tables, instead focusing on his charming characters and delivering a crowd-pleasing teen movie in which Macao is just another character. The movie works because of his two lead actors: local singer and TV actress Vivian Chan, who sparkles with strong presence and big attitude as Fang and Hong Kong singing star Endy Chow, who brings handsome star quality to the role of the melancholy Zhang Zhiren. Both sing and act up a storm, and there is genuine spark between them, even if it less a romantic connection and more a kindred spirit between two artists.

– Mike Goodridge


Fong who is a hot-tempered high school girl, dreams of being a singer, she threatens the talented music teacher Cheong Chi Ian to give her private lessons. Despite the fact that they agree like cats and dogs, there is a chemistry between them. However, in a interscholastic singing competition, Fong sang a song with foul languages, which leads to Cheong Chi Ian’s dismissal by the school, she also made herself three demerits and was forced to drop out.

What surprises her is that she became really famous due to this incident, she was even invited to a big singing competition for challenging the professional singers, but only on one condition: she must sing the song which made her famous. Cheong Chi Ian thinks it is playing to the crowd, Fong should not participate in this; Fong’s mother also emphasizes that if Fong does this, then the chance of returning school is slim, on the contrary, Fong knows very well that if she stands out in the competition, she will probably become a real singer.

Choosing between family, school and her dream, which will it be, will Fong return the school or step on the stage?


Keo Lou

I am film creative director in “FreeDream Production Studio”. Currently, I committed to film creation in Macao and China. Mainly as director, cinematographer, scriptwriter, editor, etc. Love to share touching moment through film creation.

Cast & Crew

Director Keo Lou

Scriptwriter(s) Jack Ku

Producer(s) Sam Choi

Cinematographer Kobe Chen

Production Designer Ying Zhang

Editor Keo Lou

Music Ken Sou

Costumes Designer Paula Lo

Cast Vivian Chan, Endy Chow, Wong Shee Tong, Ng Yuen Yee, Slufay, Endy Leong, Sofiee Ng, Mi Lee

Production Companies FreeDream Production Studio


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