Ina And The Blue Tiger Sauna - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Ina And The Blue Tiger Sauna
Macao SAR | 2019 | 92’ | DCP | Colour | Cantonese | Group: C
Director: António Caetano de Faria, Bernardo Rao

2019/12/06 19:15 Macao Tower

Programmer’s Note

A sleek noir thriller about the dark side of Macao, Ina And The Blue Tiger Sauna takes us into the world of gangsters and prostitution just after the financial crisis of 2008. Fine young local actress Eliz Lao plays the hapless Ina who only discovers on her father’s death that the family business was the city’s most successful sauna. Thereafter she has to grow up fast as she must decide whether to trust her father’s chief lieutenants Madam Wing and Uncle Zhong in the ensuing battle for the sauna with rival gangs. There’s much to enjoy in the film, which is confidently co-directed by Bernardo Rao and Antonio Caetano De Faria, from the sleazy night-time portrait of Macao to tasty supporting turns from Li Feng as the salty Madam Wing and Kam Kwokleung as dubious business mogul Mr George. Young Lao, however, appropriately dominates the film, convincingly transforms from nerdy violin-playing teen to hard-talking business queen with a heart of gold.

– Mike Goodridge


In the wake of the financial crisis in 2008, 19 year-old Ina returns to Macao to live with her estranged and mysterious father, Mr Loong. Ina feels homesick and writes letters to her grandmother, wondering if one day she will be able to call Macao her home. While Ina spends her days playing violin in an orchestra and hanging out with her boyfriend Chong, she is unaware that a plot to assassinate Mr Loong is being orchestrated by his rivals. When he is killed, Ina discovers that her father was the owner of one of Macao’s most successful saunas – the Blue Tiger Sauna. When she announces her plans to close the sauna and reopen it as the old textile factory, Ina finds herself in a war against her father’s biggest competitor, Kong, who wants to buy her sauna to expand his business. With little time to mourn her father’s death, Ina enters a world of betrayal, honour and sacrifice that will change her life and of those around her forever.


António Caetano de Faria, Bernardo Rao


Bernardo Rao has a BFA in Film Studies from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Lisbon, Portugal) and 15 years of experience working as a producer, screenwriter and director in New Zealand, Macao and Los Angeles. He has created award-winning independent short films, music videos for bands such as Fat Freddie’s Drop and commercials for companies such as ANZ, Flight Centre and MOJO. His feature credits are The Baldlands (2015) and Killer Sofa (2019).


António Caetano de Faria was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1981, and he has a degree in advertising from the Higher School Of Social Communication (ESCS) in Lisbon. He started work as an editor and cameraman in video companies in Portugal, and moved to Macao in 2008 where he started to shoot documentaries and short films. He won the Macao Indies Jury Award twice for his feature documentaries Time Travel (2011) and Into The Void (2013). Ina And The Blue Tiger Sauna is his first narrative feature.

Cast & Crew

Director António Caetano de Faria, Bernardo Rao

Scriptwriter(s) Bernardo Rao

Producer(s) Tracy Choi Ian Sin, Kelvin Lam

Cinematographer António Caetano de Faria

Production Designer Paula Lo

Editor António Caetano de Faria, Bernardo Rao

Music António Vale da Conceição

Costumes Designer Yakult Lin

Cast Eliz, Lao I Lum, Kam Kwok Leung, Li Feng, Tsang Wai Dick, Lee Ka Wai, Awet Ho

Production Companies Locanda Films, Catchy Entertainment and Talent Company Limited

Distributor Montecristo

World Sales Montecristo

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