Advisory Board - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

International Advisory Board

Philippe Carcassonne (France)

Philippe Carcassonne manages Ciné-@, a French film production company established in 1986.

That same company was previously in partnership with PolyGram (as Cinéa, from 1993 to 1997) and with Pathé (as Ciné B, from 1998 to 2006).

He has produced or coproduced more than 70 feature films over 33 years, and worked repeatedly with some significant filmmakers : Claude Sautet (“A Heart in Winter”…), Michelangelo Antonioni (“Beyond the Clouds”), Jacques Audiard (“Read my Lips”…), Patrice Leconte (“Ridicule”, “Man on the Train”…), Denys Arcand (“The Age of Ignorance”)…, Robert Lepage (“The Confessional”…), Sylvain Chomet (“The Illusionist”), Benoit Jacquot (“A Single Girl”…), Anne Fontaine (“Coco before Chanel”…), Noémie Lvovsky (« Camille Rewinds »), Philippe Le Guay (« Florida »), Christopher Hampton (“Carrington”), Coline Serreau(“Romuald and Juliette”), Olivier Assayas (“Fin Aout, début Septembre”), Nicole Garcia (“Le Fils Préféré”)… among many others.

In addition to his producing duties, Philippe Carcassonne has held a number of official positions within the French film industry, such as Commission d’Avance sur Recettes (selective support funding committe), Cinémathèque Française, ACE (Ateliers du Cinéma Européen)…

He currently chairs the Producers’ Committee at Unifrance.

Philippe Carcassonne

Anupama Chopra

Anupama Chopra (India)

Anupama Chopra is a film critic, author and director of the Mumbai Film Festival. She is also the founder and editor of the digital platform Film Companion, which offers a curated look at cinema, and the film critic for Hindustan Times. She has written about the Hindi film industry since 1993 and has explored cinema in several mediums – print, television and digital. From 2012 to 2014, she anchored ‘The Front Row’ on Star World and, in 2014, appeared in a Hindi show called ‘Star Verdict’ on Star Plus. Her work has been published extensively in India Today, India’s largest English language magazine. She has also written about Bollywood for various international publications such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Variety and Sight & Sound and is currently a contributing editor to Vogue (India).

She has written several books on cinema. Her latest book The Front Row: Conversations on Cinema published by Harper Collins is a collection of her televised interviews with both Bollywood and Hollywood personalities.

Among her other books are 100 Films To See Before You Die, a list of some of the greatest films in Indian and world cinema; Freeze Frame, a book of conversations with actors, directors, writers and producers conducted between 2007 and 2011; and King Of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan And The Seductive World Of Indian Cinema, a biography of the Indian megastar.

Peter Loehr (US)

After seven years of entertainment industry experience in Japan and Taiwan, Peter Loehr established Imar Film Co., Ltd., China’s first independent integrated film company, in 1995. Loehr was selected as one of Variety’s “10 Producers to Watch” in 1999 and through Imar produced 11 feature films in Asia, including: “Spicy Love Soup”, Shower” (1999) and Quitting” (2001).

In early 2002, Loehr began a new venture, Ming Productions, focusing on larger scale Asian-themed pictures for a world audience. He went on to produce Zhang Yang’s Sunflower, Max Makowski’s One Last Dance, Finnish/Dutch/Estonian co-production Jade Warrior, and Roger Spottiswoode’s The Children Of Huang Shi starring Jonathan Rhys-Myers, Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh.

In January 2005, Peter Loehr became head of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in China. During Loehr’s seven-year tenure leading CAA in Asia, the agency grew from the ground up to represent over 70 artists in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. In six years, CAA was involved with four of the largest co-productions in Asian history, John Woo’s “Red Cliff”, “The Forbidden Kingdom”, “Mission: Impossible III” and “The Karate Kid”.

In April 2012, Peter Loehr joined Legendary Pictures and became CEO of its China joint venture – Legendary East, a film company focusing on big budget Sino-US Co-productions with subjects based on Chinese history, mythology, or culture. He was one of the producers of The Great Wall, directed by Zhang Yimou, and starring Matt Damon and Andy Lau. The Great Wall was the largest ever US-China co-production, and the largest production ever shot in China.

Peter Loehr

Oh Jung-wan

Oh Jung-wan (Korea)

As the producer and founder of Bom Film Productions, OH Jung-wan has focused on producing accomplished feature films with a unique style that challenges the conventional ideas of cinema.

Her filmography with Bom film productions includes the award-winning box office successes COME RAIN, COME SHINE, NIGHT AND DAY, A BITTERSWEET LIFE, UNTOLD SCANDAL, A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, THE FOUL KING and many more.

As one of the most prolific and respected producer in the South Korean film industry, she is also internationally established being a pioneer in cross-border filmmaking by partnering with filmmakers in Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand. She has been on the board and jury member of many prestigious international film festivals and organisations, and has been the deputy director of the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival since 2016.

Shen Yang (Mainland China)

Shen Yang is an experienced independent film producer and curator. She produced Diao Yinan’s Black Coal, Thin Ice which won the Golden Bear and best actor Silver Bear at Berlin in 2014 and was nominated for eight Golden Horse awards. She teamed up with Diao again this year on The Wild Goose Lake which was selected for official competition at Cannes. Her other producing credits include Bi Gan’s acclaimed debut Kaili Blues (2015) and his latest film Long Day’s Journey Into Night (2018), Zhang Ming’s The Pluto Moment (2018), which was in IFFAM selection last year, Li Xiaofeng’s debut feature Nezha (2014) and Zhang Bingjian’s North By Northeast (2014). She is also the founder of sections such as “Asian New Talent Award”, “SIFF Project” and “Student Shorts Award” at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Shen Yang

Luís Urbano

Luís Urbano (Portugal)

Luís Urbano is a Portuguese producer who started out as a cultural programmer working across theatre, music, video and cinema. He founded the cultural production co-operative Curtas Metragens, CRL, the organisation behind Portugal’s prestigious Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival. He was one of the festival’s directors and spearheaded the Portuguese short film agency. In 2005 he joined Sandro Aguilar as partner in O Som e a Fúria, a Lisbon based film production company. Since then, he has produced all films by the acclamed directors Miguel Gomes (Our Beloved Month of August, Tabu, Arabian Nights), João Nicolau (The Sword and the Rose, John From) and Sandro Aguilar (Uprise, Mariphasa). He produced the last two films by the master Manoel de Oliveira, Gebo and the Shadow and The old man of Belém. He also regularly works with Portuguese directors such as Salomé Lamas, Ivo M. Ferreira (Letters from war, Empire Hotel), Manuel Mozos, as well as French directors Eugène Green and F.J. Ossang (9 fFngers), and the Brazilian director, Petra Costa. Recently, he co-produced Zama, the latest film by Lucrecia Martel (Venice 2017, Toronto and New York International Film Festival). He is currently involved on the production of Brazilian film Pedro, by Lais Bodanzky (post-production) and Frankie, by Ira Sachs (Cannes 2019), Technoboss, by João Nocolau (Post-production) and Patrick, by Gonçalo Waddington (Post-production).

The major project going on is the next Miguel Gomes film, Savagery (in development).

Wang Ye (Mainland China)

As deputy managing director of the Shanghai International Film & TV Festivals, Wang Ye has been responsible for the Magnolia Award competition of the Shanghai TV Festival, and oversees the Golden Goblet Awards, Asian New Talent Awards, SIFF Project and Film Panorama at the film festival. Among her strategic initiatives at Shanghai, she has expanded the Asian New Talent award from two to six awards in an effort to bring more attention to a wider range of directors. In 2019, SIFF ASIA was refined to bring all the Asian elements of SIFF into a comprehensive industry platform that gathers Asian talents, encourages project innovation and promotes cooperation. A new programme called SIFF NEXT was incorporated into that platform. In addition Wang leads the SIFF World Express initiative in which SIFF brings outstanding Chinese films and SIFF projects to international film festivals.

Wang Ye

Michael J. Werner

Michael J. Werner (US)

US-born Michael J. Werner is a Hong Kong-based veteran of the international film industry with more than 35 years of experience in international film sales, marketing, production and consulting, specializing in the Asia-Pacific region.

Werner started out at LA-based companies, including Manson, Cineplex, and later became the first head of Summit International. He later worked or consulted for Polygram, IBM, The Sunshine Group/CineAsia and 20th Century Fox International as the co-head of the Asia/Pacific Region. He later joined Amsterdam-based Fortissimo Films and became a partner in 2000. Fortissimo Films specialized in independent Chinese, Asian, and global cinema and over the years. Werner worked with and represented films from numerous award-winning Chinese and Asian filmmakers and producers, including Wong Kar Wai, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Jiang Wen, and Tsui Hark among many others.

Werner, along with his late partner Wouter Barendrecht, received numerous awards for their contribution to world and specifically Asian cinema including those given by the Chicago Film Festival, the Bangkok Film Festival, CineAsia, the Hong Kong-based Asian Film Awards, the Udine Film Festival and the Montreal International Film Festival.

More recently after the closure of Fortissimo Films in 2016, Werner became a producer and consultant based in Hong Kong. Currently he is producing a feature film SUK SUK from direct or Ray Yeung (Front Cover) and together with producer Danny Hui of Odeon 360 he is developing a TV series called THE DEFENSE OF HONG KONG.