About IFFAM - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Core team

The 4th IFFAM Organizing Committee comprises governmental
representatives, film professionals and others.


IFFAM features various highlights including Competition, New Chinese Cinema, Gala, World Panorama, Flying Daggers, and Classics & Retrospectives.


IFFAM was launched as an ambitious new international film festival in 2016 to bring together cinematic industries from Asia and the west.

  • The bedrock of the festival is a highly curated programme of around 50 films from Asia and the rest of the world, designed to engage the audiences of Macao and expand the cinema-going tradition of the city.
  • At the centre of the film programme is our international competition section focused on 10 films from first-time and second-time directors from around the world. New Chinese Cinema is a competitive section of eight films highlighting the best Chinese-language films of the year preceding the festival.
  • The festival also includes a tightly organised invitation-only industry section consisting of a genre-focused project market, an industry forum and various networking programmes.
  • Sitting alongside the six day festival is a year-round programme to stimulate Macao’s local film-making community and give young film-makers opportunities to develop their craft and participate in the film world at large.
  • Part of the mission of the festival is to throw a spotlight on classic cinema and promote Macao as a cultural destination and location for shooting films.



Establish IFFAM as a hub for new film-makers in Asia and create industry programmes to support them and help incubate their second or third features.


Forge an identity for an international competition which is a thrilling showcase for first and second time film-makers;
Act as a meeting place for Asian and western film-makers and industry to collaborate in both artistic and business terms


Build a local audience for diverse world cinema with an initial focus on films which are both artful and crowd-pleasing
Put a spotlight on Macao as a new cultural destination and a location for film production